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    • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
    • Bachelor In Business Administration (BBA)
    • Diploma in Personnel Management and Diploma in Public Administration

    Master Trainer – Global Association of Applied Neuro Synergy (GAANS, NZ)
    License Applied Neuro Synergy Trainer & Coach (GAANS, NZ)
    Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer (ISNS, USA)
    Meta-Coach (MCF, USA)
    HR Consultant | Learning Technologist

    • Mohd Fauzi Nordin, started his career in Ministry of Home Affairs before joining Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA). Thereafter, he worked in Operations in very large company before held human resources position. Currently, he runs his own training and consultancy firm.
    • As a trainer, he has trained widely in private sector in the area of Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations, Labour Laws, Supervisory Skills, Motivation, Salary Administration, Teambuilding and Customer Service. He is certified trainer by Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism for Mesra Malaysia program and a Training Consultant for Negeri Sembilan Skills Development Centre (NSSDC)
    • He has more than 15 years experience both at the strategic and operational levels in managing human resources. He has experienced in handling more than 1000 disciplinary cases including termination and dismissal. He also has vast experienced in negotiating of collective agreements with both in house and national unions.
    • His consulting experience ranges from HR Policy and Manual, Employee Handbook, Training & Development, Retrenchment and Termination of Employee. He also conducted training for Civil Service Institute In Brunei Darul Salam

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