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    About Dr. Fauzi

    • Diploma in Accountacy (DIA) UiTM
    • 1998 with Malaysia National Insurance Berhad (MNI) scholarship, he continued his Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)
    • MBA (Accounting) while servicing MNI in the year 2001
    • Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) at UUM

    Signature Programs

    • Business Accounting
    • Handling Full set of Accounts
    • Understanding and Interpreting Company Accounts
    • Professional Accounting
    • Accounting for Non Accounting Staff
    • Kemahiran Perakaunan
    • Fundamental of Costing and Budgeting
    • Budgeting and PLanning

    Training Forte:

    • He has been actively involved in training since his years MNI Berhad
    • He designs and conducts numerous training and consultancy modules in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Management Accounting, Personal and Corporate Grooming.
    • As a versatile trainer, he is competent to deliver in Bahasa Malaysia and English both indoors sessions and outdoor setting.
    • Apart from the theory, the methodology used in the programmes is group discussions, written activities, role play and game. The several management games and experiential learning exercises he designed helped participants learn while having fun. His mission in life is “TO HELP OTHERS DEVELOP THEMSELVES”.

    Tied in Organizations

    • Certified Professional Trainer, MIM
    • Associate Member of Institute of Electrical Engineers, UK
    • Graduate Member of Institute of Engineers, Malaysia
    • ISO Standardization Internal Auditor

    Past Working Experience

    • 10 years of working experience in an education, insurance, marketing, construction, consultancy, accounting and finance industry
    • Started his career in the Malaysia National Insurance (MNI) Berhad. He did the planning and business development of several businesses throughout northern region.
    • He obtained his practical experience in general and life insurances, sales, marketing and customer service.
    • He then switched to the same industries namely: KLMU, Lim Kok Wing College, Kajima Malaysia, Remittance Company and started as freelance trainer since 2007

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