Dr Abdul Rahman

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    About Abdul Rahman

    • Diploma in Valuation
    • B. Survey (Hons) Property Management (UTM)
    • MSc in Corporate Communication (UPM)
    • Ph.D in Communication (Stanford)
    • Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management (UNE)
    • Train The Trainer
    • Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
    • Leadership Excellence for Supervisors/managerial
    • Personal Development
    • Student Enhancement Programmes
    • Social Etiquette
    • Effective Public Speaking Skills
    • Time Management
    • Parallel Thinking
    • Entrepreneurship Programme
    • Service Marketing Strategy
    • Six Memory Tools
      Induction Course for New Employees
      Excellent Receptionist Course “May I Help You Sir”
      High Impact Presentation Skills
    • Over 20 years of experiences in teaching and conducting the soft skills programme in Private and Government sector/agencies.
    • Has been teaching specific subjects in communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, media, public relation, ethnic relationship, communication strategy, training management for Center of External Studies (UPM)
    • Trainer and facilitator for the Certificate Executive Development (CED)

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